Up to 30 years ago, it was a very little used word and, if you looked up its exact meaning in the vocabulary, you found 'Combination of all the activities aimed at the organization and coordination of the transfer of people, materials and equipment for military purposes' or 'Sector of the military art that studies and organizes the activity of supply and maintenance of the operational capacities of an armed force'. Only after the war this concept began to be expanded and was extended to the economic and industrial sector. Today according to the definition of the Italian Logistics Association (Ailog), it is 'the combination of the organisational, management and strategic activities managing the flows of materials and relative information inside the company, from their origin at the suppliers' premises up to the delivery of the finished products to customers and after-sale service'. We can say that logistics is the science of transporting efficiently and on time products from one place to another, and at the lowest cost, this includes management of the exchange processes, its data and related informations.
To Amazzoni, logistics is everything that studies, plans and manages the flow of goods as well as the supply, warehousing, storage, handling of materials, stock control, packing, order processing, transport, and choice of the places in which to locate warehouses. We have chosen to base our operating seat in the Bologna Freight Village because it is the most qualified Italian structure combining arrivals, departures, loading, unloading, warehousing of goods, processing, imports, exports, customs, transport, collection, and distribution, all coordinated and integrated in a top class logistic pole.

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