Shipping and transport

We pay more and more attention to all the details relating to the transfer of materials, from helping customers to know the regulations and laws in force in the various countries, to helping them to get or guarantee the payment of the goods and follow and guarantee all process stages.

We always choose the most suitable carrier for the transport of the full load or group of materials shipped as groupage very carefully according to the type of transport to be carried out.

We have 85/110/120 m3 curtain side and/or covered body trucks. Our trucks, of various nationality, travel provided with Carnet Tir and Cemt and/or triangular authorisations.

Drivers are always provided with regular and valid documents, licenses and transit visas required for the various countries.


Transport by truck

• Consolidation point with rail connection
• Intermodal Center in Bologna Interport
• Special transport (ADR , extra - pes , oversized)

Rail transport

• FTL and LTL services
• Retreats direct operations and door- to-door
• Sheeted, mega and controlled temperature vehicles
• Maximum flexibility
• Highly professional management
• From Italy to any destination in the world

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