Our Terminals

is our profession

We go far away since 25 years.

At the Bologna Freight Village, in an integrated complex of logistic, rail and road infrastructures, which is a vital junction for 5 very important railway lines connecting Northern Europe with Southern Europe and the Mediterranean area; having two warehouses with raised docking bays close to the customs area surrounded by large, exclusive forecourts and offices in the Management Centre, we work in a structure ensuring top operating efficiency.


In Moscow we have two operating structures: a central structure inside a protected fair area provided with offices and a warehouse equipped in European style, and a second structure set up three years ago in the area of an important customs terminal.
Our warehouses are organised for the receipt and re-shipment of any type of good to any place in Russia according to requirements. Our offices employ highly qualified and professional Russian colleagues, who deal with the management of all import/export documents, offering a very interesting range of services to our customers (customs documents, importation and exportation authorisations, certificates, Gost certificates, custom duties and payments).


At Centergross Bologna with offices and warehouses (headquarter) and including storage at controlled temperature.


In Durres, with an efficient organisation with many years’ experience on the field, specialised in the transport of any type of good to Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia both as groupage and as full loads.

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