About us


Female forwarding agents that are not afraif of the dangers of the most difficult markets. Carrying goods where the others do not dare.

Since 1990

This is the leit motiv of AMAZZONI, forwarding agents par excellence for many years now. The love for adventurous tasks and tenacity have led our all female staff to reach eastern european countries and the large russian territory, which is the real core business of our company.

Our professionalism

AMAZZONI is a reliable adviser.

It is : an integrated logistic company. Thanks to its wide range of services, it carries out this task applying its creativity to everything turns around shipping. It provides specific solutions to meet the logistic requirements of specific sectors, offering special range of services for different industrial sectors.
It is : management of national and international traffic. The transfer of the management of all shipping and transport services allows customers to save time and personnel.
It is : a unique point of reference, offering certain operating and contract information. It does not represent any carrier but just its customer that, through a specific explicit mandate, acts towards any shipping company. The freedom to deal with different Italian and foreign shipping companies ensures a very interesting quality/price ratio.
It is : quality. With autonomous and synergic operating units and using the skills of local managers and professionals, it ensures technical competence, reliability, and meeting of deadlines.
It is : personalisation, assistance, distribution. Next to the customer to solve his problems, turning them into opportunities while ensuring top quality standards.
It is : a firm that has kept pace with changes, which today, after 25 years, ensures a complete and competitive service all year round.
It is : maximum attention to the service offered to customers and steady look at the future in countries changing continuously and fast.

We consider our customers’ technical problems as our own and face and solve them together offering support and assistance at the highest level of personalisation.

The AMAZZONI family

Our Values

"Quality first of all"

Why choose us?
is a reliable adviser.

Our Vision

"We aim to the Top"

Dedication, integration and flexibility are the core of our working philosophy.

Our Mission

"Innovation in logistics and transportations"

The KNOW-HOW is our strenght.
By focusing on the needs of our clients, we provide customized solutions putting at the first place the service quality and the excellence of our staff.